Sunday, October 7, 2007

tUnjuk-tUnjuk & bayor-bayOr..hehe

today i got all my orders of biskut raya & kerempeks...suddenly i can speak english very well 'terabur' one after i spend a lot of money because of my hand that really know how to 'tunjuk-tunjuk'..oh God please forgive me because i am so greedy & lazy & don't know how to 'jimat-jimat' my money..aminn. so here i am sharing with u all the 'kerangupan', 'kesedapan'..erkk..hehe sorry for incovenience of reading this gedikness 'ayat-ayat' that surely wan't to look smart but 'hancur'.
my feveret...almond london

my feveret juge...tart nenas

my feveret...semperit

my feveretssss....hahaha setambun bawoh meja

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